Composed Paintings

Painting of a scene on a table with a mirror, a rooster, a crow, a goblet, mice on a yellow plate, a plate resting on a human skull, an open book facing down and flowers. there is a red pail on the floor and a broken baby doll.
Painting of a scene in a room with a seated and a standing mannequin. the standing mannequin has a baby doll, the seated mannequin is at a desk with a vase of flowers, a skull and a mirror. a blonde woman is reflected in the mirror.
Painting of a room scene with a lamp, a chair, a mannequin torso with a head, a radiator and a stool
Painting of a scene on a table with a mannequin bust, baby dolls, boxes and flowers. There are mice, a shoe and a box on the floor.
Painting of a scene with a radiator, a lamp, a pigeon on a window sill, and piles of boxes with baby dolls, some with dunce caps.